Local police chief suspended for allegedly snapping pics with celebs

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NORTHFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio -- Taking pictures and getting autographs from celebrities may have caused the police chief to be suspended.

Northfield Village Police Chief Mark Wentz was placed on a paid suspension Oct. 5. A letter given to the chief by Mayor Jesse Nehez said the suspension was due to reported conduct he is alleged to have engaged in which is related to the Rocksino Northfield. The letter further stated the reported conduct violated previous directives given to Wentz by the mayor and officials at the Rocksino.

Fox 8 obtained a letter given to the chief last year when Wentz was suspended for two days without pay. That letter states the chief was suspended for requesting members of ZZ Top to sign a picture with him while back stage at Hard Rock Live.

"The Law Director advised you in August 2014 that the Chairman of the Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield Park directed that our Police and Fire Department personnel present at concerts not request pictures or autographs from the acts," the letter states.

The mayor would not discuss the current allegations since the investigation is still ongoing.

Neither Wentz nor his attorney could be reached to discuss the case.

Several of Wentz's friends, including former North Randall FOP President Jim Sullivan , say the chief is an honest, hard-working officer, and they hope the investigation is completed soon.