How ready is RTA for Indians World Series parade?

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The FOX 8 I-Team asked RTA if anything would be different should huge crowds get the chance to come downtown to celebrate an Indians World Series victory the way they did when the Cavs won.

We went to RTA's top man, Joe Calabrese. We asked if anything would be handled differently to avoid some of the things we've seen? He responded, "Well, I I've gotta ask you ... what things have you seen?"

We reminded him of the long lines at Rapid stops for fans trying to get downtown on the day of the Cavs parade. Even longer lines as riders tried to leave. RTA buses and trains were jammed, and many fans waited hours to ride.

Calabrese said, should the Indians have a parade, "Every available train that we have, that's in a safe working order, will be working."

He added, every available bus and train was also working on the day of the Cavs parade, and RTA simply has no more. The agency is talking about other ways to move people more efficiently.  RTA plans to have more trains running earlier. And the agency also hopes riders take advantage of a new APP with their smartphones that will allow them to buy tickets in advance.

Calabrese said, "We suggest to people buy their tickets in advance. That will be a real benefit. They're not waiting in long lines."

Meantime, FOX 8 has heard from some fans angry about delays even after an Indians watch party Saturday night at Progressive Field as the team played in Chicago.

Calabrese says logjams are most likely to occur after events. "The problem is everybody's leaving at the same time," he said.

So, if there's an Indians parade, some changes may help. RTA also plans to have more volunteers at stations directing riders so that they're not waiting in wrong lines, etc.

But in the end, fans may need some of the same patience they needed the day of the Cavs parade.

RTA says for the Cavs parade, the buses and trains carried about 500,000 people. Two-and-a half times more than on a normal day.

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