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Downtown businesses prepping for World Series celebration

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Tuesday night, Cleveland Indians fans hope to be celebrating a World Series victory.  Monday, downtown bars, restaurants and hotels were preparing for what northeast Ohio hopes will be another big party.

"We staff for, let's say, a Saint Patrick's Day, as many people as we can fit in here," said Barley House manager Stephanie Serrage.

The Barley House on West 6th Street downtown in the Warehouse District is preparing for a full house Tuesday night. They expect Indians fans to pack the bar as the team tries to clinch a World Series victory.

"Most people can find a seat, I have a feeling tomorrow, if you don't get here early enough, you won't be able to find one," said Serrage.

Tribe fever has taken over downtown. People, like a woman, who lives on East 4th Street, are stocking up, as well.

"We're prepared because last time, when the Cavs won, you would go out to, even the CVS, totally out of stock, no beer in the city, so we're stocking up for tomorrow," said the resident.

Most downtown hotels are booked solid, and any available rooms are pricey. We found some hotels charging just over $200 per room, while others have rooms nearly $800 a night.

Fox 8 spoke to a man who had come in town for the Browns game.  He booked a downtown hotel room for $200 a night. He said he called the front desk to see how much it would be to stay an extra night. Because of the World Series, he says that same room was more than $600.

An employee told Fox 8 that rooms at the Metropolitan at the 9 hotel on East 9th Street are $219 Monday night. That price doubles on Tuesday, but those rooms are sold out.

"If you didn't see the Cavs celebration, get ready for the Indians celebration, [because] it's goin’ down," said one Indians fan.

Tribe fans expect a huge celebration: if the Indians win, a party bigger than the one downtown four months ago.

"Last time they weren't even playing at home, so now you have a group of people that actually saw them win live, coming out on the streets.  It's gonna be crazy, but it's gonna be great," said another fan.

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