Tribe practices, Cubs land as Cleveland gets ready for historic World Series

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CLEVELAND--We have been waiting for years, but on Tuesday, it's happening. Game one of the World Series is in Cleveland and you can see it right here on Fox 8.


Preps are underway for the historic series against the Chicago Cubs. As the opposing team traveled to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Sunday night, the Indians practiced. And the fans, well, they just took everything in.

"It's going to be crowded, crowded, I think there was one million people downtown, there's going to be four million for the Indians," said fan Michael Stover, when talking about a second parade in the city.

Everyone is rallying together, even Phil Stanoch and his family who don't know who to root for.

"This is as big as it gets. I mean 108 years for the Cubs 1948 for the Tribe," Stanoch said.

"I'm a Cubs fan and a Tribe fan so for me this is a dream come true."

But for most here in Cleveland there's no question, it's Tribe time.

"If the Indians could it would be amazing, it's Cleveland's year," said fan Angie Forkapa.

And just think -   on Tuesday the seats will be filled at Progressive Field - and it's not going to be cheap to get in.

"Yeah so everybody from out of town is going to be coming because I know I won't be able to afford that," said Stover.

But baseball fans will be watching any way they can.

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