I-Team: How did so many Indians tickets end up in hands of brokers?

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CLEVELAND, Ohio-- The FOX 8 I-Team is investigating one of the biggest questions Indians' fans have been asking since the World Series tickets here sold out almost immediately. How is it that tickets then quickly ended up for sale at outrageous prices on website after website?

The I-Team found thousands of World Series seats for sale -- seats all over the ballpark. And the prices, absolutely ridiculous. Some listed at $900 apiece, and even one for $80,000.

We went to Scott Merk with Merk’s Tickets. He blames fans and business owners who have seats trying to make a buck. They sell their seats to ticket agencies. Then you see the seats for sale online.

Merk said, "Put it this way, I've had people call me and say, ‘We have 8 tickets. We would like to go to the game, but we're hearing the numbers that are out there. You'll give us $4,000 for our seats. We'll stay home, buy a big-screen for $2,000,  and put $2,000 in our pocket.’"

Merk added, "It’s the American way of doing business."

The Indians say ticket brokers can't just walk up to a ticket window and buy big chunks of seats. And the team tracks how season ticketholders sell their tickets. Especially if they sell more than half of them.

A team spokesperson issued a statement that said in part, “…we have one of the most aggressive policies in protecting our tickets from true brokers and have pulled back many tickets from brokers this week to sell to our fans.”

The Indians can and do take away tickets from fans believed to be reselling too many of their seats.

In the end though, many fans feel as Suzanne Sokol does: "I think it’s crazy. It takes away from the American spirit of baseball being the all-American sport.” She added, "I’m a fan, don’t get me wrong, but I can't afford that."

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