UFC Champion Stipe Miocic gives prediction on Cleveland Browns

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World Series on FOX 8

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The man who started it all -- Stipe Miocic -- stopped at Fox 8 News in the Morning Thursday as we celebrated a "Morning of Champions."

The current UFC Heavyweight Champion was the first to bring a title this year to the city of Cleveland.

Next was the Cleveland Monsters and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Wednesday of course, the Cleveland Indians won the ACLS title, advancing to the World Series.

The Calder Cup and the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy were also at Fox 8 Thursday.

stipeWhile he was here, Stipe talked about a prediction he tweeted out back in June. He said "Gonna be so cool when the Indians win the World Series in the fall."

Since that prediction came true, we asked him about the outlook on the Cleveland Browns. Hear what he had to say below.

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