Fans camp out early to get hands on World Series gear

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WESTLAKE, Ohio -- Cleveland fans have been waiting a long time for another chance to get to the World Series. 

So that's not going to stop them from waiting a few hours in line for some new gear.

The lines at Dick's Sporting Goods in Crocker Park were long Thursday morning despite the rain.

The store offered extended hours Wednesday night, opening their doors right after the Tribe's win. Some were in line before the game even ended, making sure they could snag the hottest T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats.

Most of the gear sold out Wednesday, but more shipments are coming in at 8 a.m. Thursday.

Fans can also try to get World Series tickets Thursday.

The World Series schedule is:

World Series schedule
Game 1 (at Cleveland/Toronto): Tuesday, Oct. 25
Game 2 (at CLE/TOR): Wednesday, Oct. 26
Game 3 (at Chicago/Los Angeles): Friday, Oct. 28
Game 4 (at Chicago/Los Angeles): Saturday, Oct. 29
Game 5 (at Chicago/Los Angeles): Sunday, Oct. 30
Game 6 (at CLE/TOR): Tuesday, Nov. 2
Game 7 (at CLE/TOR): Wednesday, Nov. 3

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