JR Smith – and his contract – appear at Cavs’ Wine & Gold meeting

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Video Courtesy: Steve Szymczyk

CLEVELAND - The Wine & Gold United is the official membership club of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The club had a meeting at The Cleveland Convention  Center Sunday afternoon, and one of the hot topics was the recent re-signing of guard JR Smith. 

But it seems that Smith didn't actually sign his contract? So he showed up on stage asking to sign it - much to the "surprise" of owner Dan Gilbert. And the delight of the Cavs fans in the audience.

Not to worry, though. Cavs General Manager David Griffin was quick on the scene with the contract. Which he promptly "dropped."

The exchange ended with hugs all around. And we're assuming a signed contract...somewhere.

And just to put the ring on the championship, so to speak, a little later, the entire team showed up on stage!

Video Courtesy: Steve Szymczyk

Also at the meeting, members were told that they would all be given the chance to purchase their very own Championship rings. No word on a cost, but we're guessing most of the would say "priceless."

The new season begins on October 25th!

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