CLE is loving October baseball!

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CLEVELAND--It was a sea of red, white, and blue at Progressive Field for game #2 of the ALCS on Saturday.

People are loving October baseball here in Cleveland, especially with another win against the Toronto Blue Jays.

There were endless cheers after Cleveland took its second win and energy was high from fans.

"We are the city of champions right now, all of the momentum, all of the fans coming out, I mean, what more do you want?" said fan, Maurice Myles.

There was fierce competition between fans as the game was being played.

"There were some fans sitting in front of us, some Blue Jays' fans, and they got told to leave which was a surprise for us," said Kibaya Njenga.

But mostly you saw smiles in downtown Cleveland on Saturday.

"Cleveland is an extremely friendly city; this is my fifth time down here, enjoy coming down here every single time," said Blue Jays' fan, Marc Arthurs.

"It's the best feeling for Cleveland ever...Go Tribe, baby! Number one, baby! Whooooooo," one fan screamed.

And the battle cry was loud, 'Let's rally together.'

"I think we've got it with this team, the pitching, the batting, everything; they are an all-around team," fan, Chris Connelly, said.

There were some very dedicated fans. Andrea Laughing even showed off her Tribe tattoo.

"We were born here in Cleveland and we are huge Cleveland fans," she said.

If the packed Progressive Field is a sign of anything, it's that fans have faith that the Cleveland Indians will bring home another championship to the city in 2016!

And maybe another parade.

"This is our time; we are going all way, baby," one fan said.

"We're going to get two this year, two this year and we are going to get the Browns next year," Steve Richardson said.

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