Spare fire truck raises questions during President Obama’s visit

CLEVELAND, Ohio-- The FOX 8 I-Team is investigating a problem with equipment at a Cleveland fire station with units that could be called for a big fire downtown. The issue came to light Thursday as President Obama stayed overnight downtown.

In short, a fire engine was temporarily replaced at East 37th and Woodland by a Hazmat truck. The firefighters union says the Hazmat truck could not help put out a fire. It does not carry water or hoses.

This case spotlighted a problem with spare equipment we’ve revealed before. Firefighters have also recently complained about a back-up ladder truck that repeatedly has been used, and with that truck, the ladder will not raise.

In this latest situation, City Hall responded by saying, in the event of a big fire downtown, units from multiple stations would be called.

The city says Friday afternoon, the equipment situation was back to normal.