‘Extreme vegan’ mother arrested, accused of feeding baby only fruit and nuts

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UNIONTOWN, Pa. — A Pennsylvania mother who considered herself an “extreme vegan” faces several charges for allegedly starving her 11-month-old baby.

KDKA reports that the estranged husband of Elizabeth Hawk, 33, says she was “obsessed” with following a vegan diet and that her son was fed only fruit and nuts.

They say Hawk wanted to live on sunlight and water.

Family members say he had physical problems including a head-to-toe rash and also had problems with his motor skills. They say Hawk blamed his problems on allergies.

According to court records, the little boy’s doctor said not treating the rash was “inhumane,” and that his development is delayed due to malnourishment.

The boy’s father currently has custody of the baby and says his condition is improving.

Hawk faces charges of child endangering.

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