Emotional tribute for fallen Lakewood firefighter

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- A long-time, beloved member of the Lakewood Fire Department is gone, but not forgotten.

That was the sentiment regarding Firefighter Terrence Scavone at an emotional tribute on Sunday.

The ceremony was held at the Fallen Firefighter Memorial at Station One with many members of the community and his family.

"He was a husband, he was a father, and he was a fireman," said one firefighter.

Described as a hard worker, Scavone loved his job for the last 34 years, as he raised his family with wife, Barb.

Two of his six children, Nathan and Jennifer, spoke in his name.

"When he was a fireman it was the greatest thing for all of us.  It was most importantly for him; it was his greatest job ever," Nathan Scavone said.

"It wasn't until I became an adult that I truly appreciated my dad for who he really was:
a kind generous man who loved his family and loved his job," Jennifer Scavone added.

Scavone was set to retire from the department next year, until he found out he had cancer.

The firefighter passed away on September 17.

Still, son Nathan knows he will always be watching over him, just like he did while he was alive.

"I knew that my dad was watching me: band practice, choir -- it didn't matter.  If I couldn't see him from the stage, I knew he saw me."

After memories were shared by family and others in the community, the Scavones were presented with items including the flag that was flying at Lakewood's Fire Station Number Three on the day of the 65-year old's passing.

The Scavones also received his badge, number 74.

"Terry is going to be missed; he was one of us," one colleague said.

As two joined the Lakewood Fire Department and one officer was promoted on Sunday,
the crowd agreed it was a fitting tribute.

Mainly because, Firefighter Scavone was such a great role model.