Local politician, students ‘disgusted’ by Trump comments

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- Many people are disgusted, but not all are surprised by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's latest controversy.

Some voters have been left to wonder: "What will we hear next from him?"

A lot of people in northeast Ohio were disappointed after hearing Trump's 2005 conversations that were leaked on Friday.

While some recognized that one of Trump's strengths is his ability to speak up, no one was openly endorsing his comments directed at women.

"It disgusts me," said Jayde Cleland, a freshman at Cleveland State University.

"I was just completely shocked," said Angela Peterson, another CSU student.

Many believe Trump's behavior could ruin his run for the presidency, as many Republicans have openly taken a stance against him.

Still, some notables remain in support of Trump, for example, former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani.

Saturday night, he said, "Trump is in the race to win, and he is going to win."

Meanwhile, former Ohio Governor, Ted Strickland, told Fox 8 on Saturday that Trump  should be embarrassed by his words.

"This is an important election. The choice is clear; it's like day and night," Strickland said.

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