Tow truck driver scared after 2 hit while changing flat tires

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CLEVELAND -- Every time Joseph Agosti, a driver for Kufner Towing, clocks in for work, he wonders if the day could be his last.  He says drivers do not follow Ohio's Move Over law.

"Absolutely not.  You can stand on the side of 480 and have a car pass you within inches," said Agosti.  "Sometimes some of our drivers get hit by mirrors ... you just never know."

Agosti's highway fears are evident in some of Cleveland's latest crashes. For the second time in the past week, changing a tire on the freeway proved it could cost you your life.  Friday night, a man was hit on I-490 at East 55th.  A 27-year-old woman was killed last Saturday on I-480.

State highway patrol says they've documented 2,388 Move Over violations statewide so far this year. In Cuyahoga County, 84 tickets have been given; in Cleveland, 24.

"You never know if something is going to happen," said Agosti. "If you're going to come home ... you just hope and pray and be as safe as you possibly can."

At Kufner,  rear-facing cameras were recently installed on the back of several of tow trucks.  In addition, remote control devices are inside the car so drivers can do a large portion of their work from inside the safety of their truck.

"It can happen to us all," said driver Robin Wilson-Heyward. "You know, I just pray it doesn't happen to me and pray for the families for those that it happened to."

Agosti encourages drivers to change a flat tire off the freeway if possible.  If you're a driver that can't move over, Agosti says at least slow down. It's the best way to ensure your safety.

Fox 8 requested more information on the most recent crash involving the unidentified man on I-490.  At this time, his condition is not known.