Woman demanding justice after pet was shot and killed by man walking dog

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CLEVELAND-- Cleveland’s dog warden is investigating the deadly shooting of a family pet caught on camera; an incident first reported by the FOX 8 I-Team.

City hall confirmed the man with the gun is a retired city police officer. Investigators are looking into the shooting.

It happened Wednesday morning on Bader Avenue on the west side.

Video from a home security camera shows a dog move into the frame. Then you see the man who’d been walking that dog. A second dog also appears.

Megan Jackson said her dog, Sadie, was shot multiple times. The I-Team caught up with her as she went to the city prosecutor’s office demanding some kind of justice.

“He shot her just way too many times. She stopped, the first shot.  I could’ve took her to the doctor. And she would’ve still been alive. But he just continued to shoot her and shoot her and shoot her until she was dead.

The city said the retired officer is Douglas Balogh. His attorney, Pat O’Malley, told the I-Team the dog ran out and attacked  the retired officer’s dog. Balogh first tried to use a stick to try to stop the attack, the attorney said.

Generally, force against animals in the street is seen as justified if the animals attack.

Jackson could be cited by investigators for failing to control her dog even though her pet died. Her dog jumped a fence and got through another.

"He overkilled her. I'll take a citation for her jumping the fence. That's fine," Jackson said.

The I-Team found, in recent months, Cleveland has had a couple of other cases of dogs killed in similar situations.