October 6, 2016

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Game Day Sliders

Don’t spend all day in the kitchen preparing for the big game! Jeff Jarrett from US Foods joined us in the kitchen for a super simple slider recipe to feed your guests!

DIY Fall Decoration

You can create your own fall decor on a budget! Here to show us how was a loyal New Day Cleveland viewer, Lorene Coffey!

Maize Valley Fall Fun

Your fall fun wouldn’t be complete without a corn maze and a pumpkin cannon! We headed to Hartville to visit Maize Valley Winery!


Mortach Financial

There are a lot of opinions out there when it comes to saving for retirement, and a lot of those opinions might not be accurate. Here to help set the record straight was Dave Mortach, President of Mortach Financial.


Moss at the Movies

David took you inside the new film, “A Birth of a Nation,” based on a true story! The film hits theaters tomorrow, October 7th!


He’s been making people laugh since he graduated high school! We welcomed the very funny, Joe List!

You can catch Joe on East 4th Street at Hilarities tonight until Sunday, October 9th.


LaLa Custom Cake

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a quick trip to Lakewood. There’s a new bakery in town – and you might recognize the name. She’s been popping up all over the area for the past few years. We went inside LaLa Custom Cake.


Sports Injuries

The start of a new school year also means the return of fall sports. That can mean a variety of injuries. Here to discuss what to look out for and how to prevent them, was Dr. Brandon Raudenbush, Pediatric Orthopedic from Go Ortho.


Mona Lisa Touch

It’s an innovative new treatment for a common women’s health issue. We welcomed Dr. Kimberly Kraus, MD Board Certified OB/GYN.