Dick Goddard thanks everyone who wishes him well as he recovers from hip surgery

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FOX 8 viewers are showing their appreciation for our own Dick Goddard. Thousands of you took the time to stop by the FOX 8 tent at the Woollybear Festival, to sign a get-well card for Dick.

Get-well card for Mr. G!

Get-well card for Mr. G!

The legendary weatherman is recovering from hip surgery following a fall at his home.

"Thanks a lot for everybody who has wished me well and I appreciate it, and I'm going to get out of here as soon as I can; it'll still take a while, I'm afraid," Dick said.

Dick said he's getting a little better each day, motivated in large part by the thought of his precious dogs and cats, on whose behalf he's been advocating all his life.

"That's my goal in life- is to help the four foots, those who can't speak for themselves and I've been very fortunate to do that, be able to do that and I plan to keep doing it."

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