LeBron James says he believes Hillary Clinton can ‘continue legacy’ of President Obama

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INDEPENDENCE, Ohio-- From the basketball court, to the political arena.  NBA's 2016 MVP, LeBron James, said it was a no-brainer.

James exclusively announced his decision to endorse Hillary Clinton in an Op-Ed published on Business Insider Sunday evening.

In it, James wrote that his endorsement decision came down to a few factors, which included his friendship with President Barack Obama.

“We've become really good friends and um, from day one I’ve just always liked his vision and especially from a community standpoint and I believe Hillary can continue that legacy," James told reporters in Independence, Ohio, as he and the rest of the Cavaliers practiced.

James wrote that his return to Northeast Ohio wasn't just about basketball, but also about providing more for the children of Akron.

He believes the presidential candidate to help him do just that is Hillary Clinton.

“Our kids are our future, and I believe Barack started it, and I believe Hillary’s gonna continue it, you know, so, I’m all about community," James said.

The former secretary of state gave a thumbs up and said she was thrilled about the endorsement as she boarded a plane in New York headed to the Buckeye State.

During her first stop in Toledo, she had the following to say about James' endorsement.

“It's a deep, personal commitment that he has that I share with him. We both believe every single child should have a chance to live up to their God-given potential," Clinton said.

When asked if he watched the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, he said he did watch a little.

His takeaway? "Uh...I’m endorsing Hillary, so that's what I thought about it."

LeBron James was unable to attend Hillary Clinton’s campaign event in Akron due to his practice schedule, but said his plans to join her on the campaign trail are currently in the works.

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