‘Heroic act’: Officers pictured saving life of man found on side of the road

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland police are sharing a photo taken by a resident that shows officers saving the life of a man who reportedly overdosed on heroin.

Commander Thomas Stacho wrote in a Facebook post about the photo and how it all unfolded.

He said that just after 4 p.m. Thursday Officers Matthew Cavanaugh and Wayne Harper found a man semi-conscious and slumped over in a pile of wet leaves on Hurley Avenue.

The man was unresponsive, and his lips were turning blue. They suspected immediately that he had overdosed on heroin and called EMS.

But before medics could arrive, the man stopped breathing. The two officers began CPR, and for nearly six minutes, they alternated giving chest compressions.

When medics arrived, the man was revived and began to regain consciousness.

A resident took a photo of their efforts and shared it with the Second District Community Relations Committee Facebook page to let them know the officers saved a life.

Stacho wrote:

“If not for the efforts of P.O.s Cavanaugh and Harper, the male found slumped in the gutter on the side of the road would have surely died. This is yet another example of the heroic acts performed multiple times daily by the men and women of the Cleveland Division of Police and the officers of the Second District. Well done Officers Cavanaugh and Harper!”