Woollybear 44 has arrived! Here’s the rundown of today’s events

MAC Ohio royalty having fun at Woollybear 2015

VERMILION, OH – The day has finally arrived! It’s the 44th annual Woollybear Festival and parade as crowds flock to Vermilion for the festivities.

We have a message from Dick Goddard: He wants to make sure everyone has fun and hopes this is among the best years ever! Click here to hear Dick’s message. 

The legendary weatherman is still recovering from a fall at his home last week that led to hip surgery.

He’s doing very well, but some of our FOX 8 News anchors will try to fill his shoes at the festival.

There will be a big card for everyone to sign and you can send a message to Dick Goddard, who is recovering from hip surgery.

Here was the schedule of events:

9am: YMCA Annual World’s Greatest Kids’ Race *(note; registration at Vermilion High School stadium)

10am: Woollybear 500 Caterpillar Race Preliminaries with Big Chuck and Lil’ John *(note: main stage)

11am: King and Queen Woollybear Costume Judging *(note: main stage)

12pm: Animal/Pet Woollybear Costume Judging *(note: main stage)

1:30pm: Wonderful, Wacky Woollybear Parade Featuring FOX 8 TV personalities, radio personalities, high school bands.. and much more

3:45pm: Roadhouse Band performs on the main stage

5pm: Finals of Woollybear 500 Caterpillar Race; official Woollybear Winter Weather Prediction 

**Get more information HERE; read more on Woollybear HERE.