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Sweet baby sister is all little girl needs to make her feel better: ‘I love her so much’

ROCHESTER, New York– Video of a toddler who finds comfort in her baby sister is going viral.

A mom in Rochester records her two-year-old as she comes into the room crying. You hear mom, Esther Anderson, ask her daughter, Ellia, “Did you wake up grumpy?”

The little girl nods and continues crying… until she starts hugging her sweet baby sister, Tessa.

Her tears quickly dry up as she gives the newborn hugs and strokes her face. “I love her; I love her so much,” she says.

Esther told TODAY, “She always wants to be right next to her (or on top of her), holding her hand or rubbing her head. We’re always having to tell her ‘give your baby sister some space.”

The video was posted on YouTube and has nearly 45,000 views.