Indians players send card to woman battling breast cancer: ‘I will continue to fight as hard as the Tribe does’

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CLEVELAND, Ohio-- We already know they are amazing athletes. But, the Indians players are also extremely thoughtful.

As they prepare for an October baseball run, they sent a beautiful card to a woman who is fighting breast cancer.

The card to Debra Eula said, "All of us here with the Indians hope you are feeling better every day and keep fighting! We look forward to you watching us as we make our push for the playoffs and beyond."

The Indians said that Eula, a Northeast Ohio native who now lives in the San Francisco Bay area, is a huge Cleveland sports fan. She shared a photo of the card with the message you see below:

“First off CONGRATULATIONS! I live in the SF Bay Area and am fighting Breast Cancer. Today I received a personal get well card from the players with the help of Chris Gimenez. It meant everything to me and I will continue to fight as hard as the Tribe does to win. I just wanted to pass on the incredible group of men we have representing the Cleveland Indians.”

The Indians posted on their Facebook page how proud they are of their players. "We might win the World Series. We might not," the post said.  "No matter how this season sends, we wouldn't trade our guys for anyone."

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