Dozens of cars, two businesses damaged in Painesville and Fairport Harbor

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PAINESVILLE, Ohio - With broken glass crunching underneath his shoes, Larry Hughes of Fairport Harbor, made his way to his SUV so he can cover his broken windows with plastic bag.

"I can't believe someone would do this," Hughes told FOX 8.  "At first, I thought a tree branch hit it, but then my neighbors saw their windows broken too."

The mayor in Fairport Harbor said police received about 20 calls about broken vehicle windows. Painesville police said they had 18 reports of broken windows. He said two businesses were also damaged.

Police said they believe someone shooting a BB gun caused the damage.

"When I look at this, I think about how I will have to pay a lot of money," said Lee Zhemg, as he looked at the broken window in the front of his Painesville restaurant.

Victims are hoping arrests are made soon.

Police in both communities are looking for surveillance video. They ask anyone with any information to contact them right away.