Photo of grandmother hugging portrait of late husband on her birthday goes viral

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RICHMOND, Texas– When you look at the photos, you can see just how much her husband meant to her — and still means to her.

A photo of a grandmother, Josie Reza, hugging a framed picture of her late husband has gone viral after her granddaughter, Alicia Salas, tweeted the photos with the caption, “Today’s my Grandmas 85th. We had a mariachi for the first time since my grandpa passed. Shes hugging his picture.”

Reza’s husband, Phillip, died seven years ago.

According to ABC News, when she saw the band, she requested the portrait of her husband of 45 years, so that she could hold it close to her heart.

Salas said this of the touching moment: “Their love still goes on even if one of them is not here. I think that’s so beautiful to me.”