Local police issue warning: ‘We will not tolerate clowning’

WELLINGTON, Ohio — After an onslaught of “clown sightings” across the country and right here in Ohio, police in one village are issuing a warning.

No clowning.

In a Facebook post, the Wellington Police Department cautioned anyone “that is thinking about clowning.”

“This is a dangerous game and we will not tolerate it in the village,” the post says.

Earlier this month, Portsmouth police received a report of a person dressed as a clown in their town. The person was holding an ax and staring at people as they passed by.

There have been a number of clown sightings in North Carolina and South Carolina this year as well.

In Forsyth County, North Carolina, a woman reported that a clown wielding a machete tried to lure her into the woods.

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