Avon Lake publishes map of addresses of ‘dangerous’ dogs

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AVON LAKE, OH - Anyone who owns a dangerous dog in Avon Lake is going public whether they like it or not.

City officials are posting pictures of dangerous dogs and their addresses online. The city has put together a map showing exactly where the animals live.

“Residents wanted to know where these dogs were, what these dogs look like,” said Councilman David Kos.

Kos said the map was born out of the city’s vicious dog law. It was created last year in response to the killing of two dogs in separate attacks.

“What we have done with our law is we’ve taken away the slaps on the wrist when it comes to dog bites and dog attacks,” said Kos.

The map includes pictures of dogs that have been designated as dangerous, vicious or a nuisance. Details of their offenses are also listed.

“We have put forth some very tough penalties and some very tough restrictions that deal with dog owners that are not as responsible as we would like them to be, Kos said.

Cane, a shepherd mix, is a perfect example of how life changes when a dog makes the map. Kos said after the dog killed a resident’s pet in July, his owner was charged with a first degree misdemeanor and had to pay a $1,000 fine. Cane had to be neutered and taken to obedience classes. He also has to be muzzled while off property and his owners have to post a dangerous dog sign for all to see.

“The folks that own these dogs know that they have a set of restrictions on them and know that dog is not treated the same as all the other dogs,” the councilman said.

Kos said it only makes sense to deal with problem dogs as individuals versus treating all dogs as if they’re the same.