Students arrested for three separate incidents at Lakewood City Schools

LAKEWOOD, Ohio– Three students were arrested for three unrelated incidents at two Lakewood City Schools this week.

Police charged a Lakewood High School student with inducing panic Wednesday afternoon. According to the district, the boy claimed he had knowledge about a gun being brought to school. That report turned out to be false, the district said.

(Photo courtesy: Lakewood City Schools)

(Photo courtesy: Lakewood City Schools)

The arrest is not related to graffiti found in a high school restroom stall. Custodial staff discovered the threat, which said, “I’m gonna make Columbine look like a f****** joke,” on Friday. Lakewood City Schools said it has received several tips about this message and it remains under investigation.

On Monday, a Harding Middle School student was arrested for making threats against that school in reference to the Lakewood High School graffiti.

That same day, police arrested a Lakewood High School student when a pocket knife was found in a book bag.

“There was no connection between this student and the graffiti incident. At no time were students threatened or in danger,” Superintendent Jeff Patterson said in a letter on the district’s website.

“In an attempt to keep clears lines of communication open with all stakeholders, including students, our middle school and high school principals met today with their respective student bodies to remind them of safety and security procedures in order to avoid feeding into behavior that could be misconstrued as threatening or dangerous,” the superintendent said.

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