Ashland murder suspect cooperating with authorities on case of 5th victim

MANSFIELD, Ohio -- A man, now a suspect in the deaths of five women, is helping authorities on one of the homicide cases.

Police say Shawn Grate is cooperating with them in the case of Rebekah Leicy.

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Rebekah Leicy

Rebekah Leicy(photo courtesy: Mansfield police)

Leicy,  who is from Mansfield, was found in Ashland in 2015. Her case was originally ruled a drug overdose but has been reopened.

Leicy's father, Bob, told Fox 8 that police notified him Saturday that they were reopening the case.

Mansfield police searched two buildings, including one where Grate used to work.

Mansfield police ask anyone who has additional information about this case to contact Major Crimes Detective Dave Scheurer at (419) 755-9748.

Grate faces two murder charges in Ashland for the deaths of Stacey Stanley and Elizabeth Griffith. He is also facing a kidnapping charge for holding a woman hostage there.

He is also being investigated for the death of a woman, whose remains were found in Richland County. Family members of Candice Cunningham of Canton are praying it isn't her. Cunningham had lived with Grate in Mansfield.

Grate also told Marion County officials he killed a woman there about 11 years ago. That woman's remains were found in 2007. Police do not know her identity.

Grate told police he killed her because his mother was upset she didn't receive magazines she had ordered from the woman. No charges have been filed there.

Grate was arrested last week after police say a woman he was holding hostage at an Ashland home was able to get his cell phone and call police.

When police arrived, they found the bodies of Stacey Stanley and Elizabeth Griffith.

Police say Grate then led them to a site in Richland County where they found the remains of a third victim.

Investigations into other women's deaths then began.

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