‘I was sleeping with a killer,’ woman who says she dated Ashland murder suspect speaks out

MANSFIELD - With tears streaming down her face, a woman who says she dated suspected murderer Shawn Grate, stands in the lobby of the Mansfield Police Department and tells Fox 8 she is still in shock.

"The detective wants to talk to me and I am shaking and nervous because I was sleeping with a killer," said Rebecca, who asked us not to use her last name. She says she is still afraid of Grate.

Grate is facing two murder charges in Ashland, where he is accused of killing Stacey Stanley and Elizabeth Griffith.   He is also the suspect in three other death cases.

Mansfield police say Grate is cooperating with them in the 2015 death of Rebekah Leicy.   He has not been charged in that case.

Police are still waiting to positively identify remains found at a home in Richland County. Grate said he killed a woman there and led authorities to her remains. Family members of Candice Cunningham of Canton say they are praying that she isn't the victim. Candice was living with Grate in Mansfield earlier this year. Her family last spoke to her in April, at that time she said she was moving south.

And Marion Sheriff detectives say Grate also confessed to killing a woman in their area. The woman's remains were found in 2007.  She has not been identified.

"This is so scary for me," Rebecca said. "I didn't know.  He hurt me and one time he had his hands around my neck."

Rebecca also told us that Grate would come to her house and say he had been working in his yard.

"He said he was cutting wood and wanted to shower," Rebecca said. "I always wondered why he was so dirty. Now I know."

Grate is being held in the Ashland County jail. He is due back in court next week.
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