Suspected human heart found in plastic bag in Norwalk remains a mystery

NORWALK, OH - A suspected human heart found in zip lock bag has the Norwalk Police Department completely stumped.

"It was August 25th about 7 pm. We got a call that some EMS personnel had found what they believed to be a human heart," said Captain Eric Hipp.

Hipp says EMS crews routinely sit at the Friendship Store on Milan Avenue between calls.

The field was empty when they arrived and upon returning an hour later, there it was.

"A bag that had a heart in it, fairly fresh, and they believed it to be human," said Hipp.

The heart was taken to the Lucas County Coroner's office to confirm.

"They are going to do DNA testing and then enter it into the DNA data base to see if they can match it with any missing persons or anything like that," said Captain Hipp.

According to a detective working the case, he got a call from a police department in Economy Borough, Pa wanting to know if the heart was human and if it was embalmed.

Apparently, police there are investigating a case where they only have an embalmed head.

The detective says there is no connection right now, and at this point, it was only an inquiry.