I TEAM: what city security cameras don’t show

CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM has found a Cleveland city security camera at a busy intersection showing nothing but part of one crosswalk. And this is just the latest city camera sparking questions from the I TEAM.

The I TEAM found it at West 25th and Lorain. It came to our attention after a woman on a motorcycle had been seriously hurt by a hit-and-run driver down the block. The city camera recorded no clues to that case, and it appeared to be almost useless because of the way it was angled.

In January, we also showed you a city camera at West 150th and Puritas. It did not catch a hit and run in one of the crosswalks. That case left a woman critically hurt.

Privately, police officers have also repeatedly complained to the I TEAM that many city security cameras often malfunction and go out of service.

We’re asking about the Cleveland cameras especially after what happened this weekend on the east coast. Terror incidents often leave key clues caught on security cameras.

Dan Ball from the Mayor’s Office issued a statement saying, “City of Cleveland Public Safety cameras, including the camera at Lorain Avenue and West 25th, are focused based on a recommendation from the Division of Police. In some instances the District Commander, Traffic Commissioner, or other law enforcement personnel could seek to have a camera adjusted to fit their needs.”

But Matt Zone, chairman of the Public Safety Committee for Cleveland City Council, says, "But if you have a camera that's just pointing down at a crosswalk that can't capture images, faces, and license plates, then it’s worthless."

Zone says his committee will have a hearing on security cameras later in the fall focusing on the maintenance of the cameras, where they’re pointed, and how they’re monitored. He added, "I think that there has to be ongoing visual surveillance of the vantage point that is being recorded from the camera."

We’ll stay on top of what’s happening with these cameras. Your safety may depend on it.