Game rules change as Queen of Hearts raffle draws close to $3 million

GARRETTSVILLE, Ohio-- SkyLane Bowling in Garrettsville is attempting crowd control as the jackpot on a Queen of Hearts raffle draws close to $3 million.

The game rules are changing to try and keep some people away.

Players buy tickets that are drawn out of a barrel. If the card number they choose reveals the queen of hearts, they win. No one has done that in 51 weeks, and now there are only three cards left.

Until this week, you would have to be present for the Sunday drawing to collect 90 percent of the jackpot. But after 15,000 people showed up this past Sunday, and with a jackpot that is growing, that rule has been changed.

"In talks with our safety forces and police, we agreed that we have maxed out what we can do as far as parking and people-wise. We want everyone to get here and leave safely and we agreed that last night's drawing would be the last one that was mandatory to be here to win 90 percent."

They hope the change helps keep the crowd more manageable.

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