Ashland murder, kidnapping suspect pleads not guilty to all charges

ASHLAND, Ohio -- As police sources continue investigating the possibility that Shawn Grate may be responsible for additional deaths, the 40-year-old suspect is due in court.

Grate, who is facing two murder charges and a kidnapping count, pleaded not guilty to all charges Monday in court. No bond was set.

His next court appearance has been set for Sept. 29.

Sources say law enforcement officers are looking into at least two additional cases, one dating back to 2007. The other a 2015 case out of Mansfield.

Grate was arrested Tuesday after police say a woman he was holding hostage at an Ashland home was able to get his cell phone and call police.

When police arrived, they found the bodies of Stacey Stanley and Elizabeth Griffith.

Police say Grate then led them to a site in Richland County where they found the remains of a third victim.

Officials with the Ohio Attorney General's Office say detectives with the Criminal  Intelligence Unit are researching the suspect's residential history to create a timeline about where he has lived.

That information will be shared with local law enforcement in those areas in case they want to reexamine any unsolved homicides or missing persons cases in their jurisdictions.

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