Maid of Honor carries bride’s beloved dying dog down the aisle

DENVER, CO – Bride Kelly O’Connell wanted Charlie Bear, her 15-year-old black lab,  to be in her wedding.

But Charlie was sick – he’d been diagnosed with a brain tumor and just couldn’t make it down the aisle as Kelly and her groom, both veterinarians, took their vows.

And it was so important to Kelly that he be with them. “He was a very sweet dog. He loved everybody, but I was definitely his person,” said Kelly.

So Kelly’s maid of honor, her sister Katie, picked up Charlie in her arms and carried him down the aisle so he could be a part of that special moment.

Charlie Bear crossed the rainbow bridge a few days after the wedding, but Kelly now has the priceless pictures of her pup – and his emotional trip down the aisle – to keep with her forever.

She plans on having the pictures blown up and put on display in her home.