Ohio Going Blue responds to insensitive Facebook post about trooper’s death

CLEVELAND– The Facebook page Ohio Going Blue responded to a woman’s insensitive post following the death of an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper.

Trooper Kenneth Velez (Photo courtesy: Ohio State Highway Patrol)

Trooper Kenneth Velez (Photo courtesy: Ohio State Highway Patrol)

Kenneth Velez, 48, was conducting a traffic stop when he was hit by a car on Interstate 90 west near the Warren Road exit Thursday afternoon. The father of three died from his injuries.

A woman posted on Facebook about the crash: “Next time somebody decides to run a cop over I hope they wait till I get to work like traffic isn’t bad enough.”

Thursday night, the administrators of the pro-police page chimed in on the woman’s complaint. The response has more than 3,000 likes and 4,000 shares.


“I appreciate you using your first amendment right, but now it’s my turn to do the same.

“Perhaps you didn’t know. Perhaps you didn’t recognize the coroner’s vehicle. Perhaps you didn’t see the dozens of blue and red flashing lights. Perhaps you didn’t see the grieving Troopers who lost a brother in blue. Perhaps your mother never taught you to show respect towards another human being.

“You couldn’t know, of course, that the man who was killed today, died at HERO at the young age of 48. You couldn’t know that he leaves behind a Wife and three children. You couldn’t know anything about the person whose blood was splattered on the highway. But you still could have had the decency to show some respect. Because unlike you, Trooper Velez would’ve stopped and said a prayer for you and your family, and if needed, he would not hesitate helping you. Unlike you, Trooper Velez doesn’t get to go home to his family tonight. You could have recognized that someone else’s pain was greater than your need to get to get somewhere on time.

“Since you were so angry that this incident resolving in a Hero’s death made you a few minutes late, I have a few suggestions. The next time this happens, try not to think of the fact that you missed your exit; think instead about what that persons family is going through. Try not to think of being late for work; think about the people who will never again get to see their loved one come through the door after work. Try to consider that maybe you could inconvenience yourself for one moment to allow officers to do their job and investigate this incident, to clean up the area where a mans life was just taken too soon, to show them that you see them and you recognize their loss. While you’re stuck showing just how selfish you are, Trooper Velez showed true selflessness and paid the ultimate sacrifice for it. He died while trying to make the roadways safer for you and your loved ones.

“Tonight, we will pray for Trooper Velez’s family, and we will also pray that you never find yourself in this kind of situation, something that no human being should have to go through. Rest assured, even after seeing your words, I will still never hesitate to lay my life down for you, if that time were to ever come.

“R.I.P. Trooper Kenneth Velez, we thank you for your dedicated service. We promise to NEVER forget you!

“-LT. Edwards & OGB Admin”