Final ride for Cedar Point’s Mean Streak roller coaster

SANDUSKY, Ohio-- It's a roller coaster that for years scared the socks off of thousands of people.  But the Mean Streak at Cedar Point is no more.

"The ride has endured a lot of different changes in the park. It was the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster when it was built in 1991 and tonight we say goodbye," said Cedar Point spokesman Tony Clark.

So why get rid of a perfectly good roller coaster?

Clark said it's a matter of trying to stay fresh and looking at things in a different way. There's also a lot of maintenance.

The Mean Streak's last ride was Friday night. The ride's burial signals the beginning of HalloWeekends at the amusement park.

So what will go in its place? Well, they're not giving out any clues.

"No hints, unless you are going to hire me after I get let go for releasing them to you," Clark said. He said look for an official announcement.

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