8-year-old Arizona boy starts business so mom will take him to Harry Potter World

AHWATUKEE, AZ  — Many have wondered what it would be like to be your own boss.

Well, some actually jump at the chance, some fail, while others thrive. An 8-year-old named Conner Koester came up with an idea to sell party decorations, according to KPHO.

His company is called “Bins of Fun.” Conner first came up with the idea when he was seven.

It all began when he asked his parents if they could go to Harry Potter World in Universal Studios. His mom, Nicole Koester, didn’t want to just give in.

She wanted him to work for it.

So, she gave him a couple of options: do some chores or start a business.

“I wanted Conner to learn about the value of the dollar and that parents don’t just give you everything. I wanted him to work for it,” Koester said.

Conner jumped at the chance to start his own business.

He got a loan from his parents and began his adventure into the business world.

“I am a business kid. I am not a man yet,” Conner said.

The party decorations are themed. Conner offers up everything from Frozen to Star Wars.

He says most of his business is word of mouth but his mom also helped set up a Facebook page.

He already paid back the loan to his mom and she’s agreed to take him to Harry Potter World next month.