3-year-old Wellington boy rescued from 8-inch septic tank pipe

WELLINGTON, OH  - A three-year-old boy is alive after a terrible scare. Rex Wlodyka pried the cover off the pipe of a septic tank at his home on Saturday. Somehow, he managed to get stuck inside the eight inch diameter pipe.

His brother ran to call their father, who was working in the garage. The father hurried to Rex and dialed 9-1-1.

He told dispatchers he was able to grab Rex's arm but could not pull him out of the pipe. There was fear the boy might fall even further down and get trapped inside the pipe.

When rescue workers arrived, they could only see the top of Rex's head. They tried talking to him about one of his favorite subjects, dinosaurs, but Rex was crying and terrified. They slowly cut the pipe while holding on to Rex.

Finally, after about forty minutes, they pulled Rex out of the pipe.

He was flown to Metrohealth Medical Center in Cleveland. His mother, Sarah, was not home when Rex got trapped but she was overjoyed when she saw him in the hospital. She said, "When I saw him standing, getting ready to get in the shower I was bawling because he was ok. It was obviously far better of an outcome than I could have imagined. I mean he has a scratch on his shoulder and a scratch on his skin. And that's it."

Sarah said she is a stickler for safety but never thought Rex could pry the lid off the pipe. The family is thankful to rescue workers for their quick action. The Wlodykas call them angels. Ironically, one of the dispatchers is named Angel.