Shrimp Medallions with Honey Mustard Sauce – Taste of the Browns serving up this recipe and more

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Taste of the Browns brings together the Cleveland Browns and some of our area's most talented chefs to raise awareness and funds for hungry families. Fox 8's Natalie Herbick learned more about this delicious fundraiser from Karen Pozna with the Cleveland Food Bank and one of the participating chefs George Hwang from Pearl of the Orient.

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George Hwang also shared the recipe that he is cooking for the event.

Minced Shrimp Medallions with Honey Mustard Sauce

1 pound Baby Shrimp Chopped into 1/6 inch pieces
½ cup Onion chopped into 1/6 inch pieces
¼ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon white pepper
1 tablespoon of cornstarch
1 egg white
1 tablespoon sesame oil
1 package of Chinese dried rice noodles
5 cups Vegetable oil

Honey Mustard Sauce
½ cup Apple sauce
¼ cup Chopped Pineapple
¼ sugar
2 tablespoon of Apricot preserve
2 tablespoon vinegar
2 tablespoon Dijon mustard
2 tablespoon Honey
Mix well
Mix the shrimp, onion, salt, pepper, egg white, and cornstarch and sesame oil well in a bowl. Then use your hand to grab a big chunk of ingredients and throw it back into the bowl, about 20 times. This will make the shrimp paste coagulate. Then use a spoon and spoon out a piece of shrimp mixture and roll in between the palm of your two hands in a circular motion, like you are making a meatball, about 1 ½ inch diameter. You should be able to make about 12 shrimp medallion.

Heat up the vegetable oil in a pan or wok to 450 degree.
Fry the dried rice noodles, for about 4 minutes, till they are white,fluffy and crunchy.
Use a strainer to bring up the noodles, let cool on a large plate for a hour.
Then crumble them into 1/3 inch pieces.
Heat up the oil to 450 degrees again.

Roll the shrimp medallions over the crumbled rice noodles, drop them into the hot oil, fry
for about 10 minutes till they are golden brown. Use strainer to bring them up, shake the extra oil off and serve with Honey
mustard sauce.