Ohio student playing football with two prosthetic legs is ready to prove everyone wrong

LIBERTY, Ohio – Damon Hodges was born with ankles that never developed. So when the Liberty, Ohio, teen was a toddler, doctors amputated both legs below the knee so he could be fitted for prosthetics.

He learned to walk, but really wanted to play football.

"I love the feeling that I get when I prove somebody wrong."

When he made the decision to play, he went directly to the coach and told him.

"This is a young man who never played before; he's no all-pro yet. He's not getting things off-the-bat; he knows what he has to do," said his coach.

First, Hodges' prosthetics had to be padded so other players wouldn't be injured. Second, his mom had to approve.

Once she gave the go ahead, he started practicing.

Damon hasn't played yet, but is hoping to get a chance this season.