Mattress store announces indefinite closure after ad for 9/11 ‘Twin Tower sale’

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Miracle Mattress has announced that they are closing their doors following the backlash they received for a 9/11 'Twin Tower sale.'

The ad shows two piles of mattresses depicting the Twin Towers. At the end of the ad, they both collapse while the co-owner of the store, Cherise Bonanno, says "We will never forget."

Bonanno says that she didn't realize the ad would be so offensive and it was later deleted from the store's Facebook page.

On Friday, the owner, Mike Bonanno, released a statement on the store's Facebook page apologizing for their actions and announcing that the store would be closing indefinitely.

They said they will share a public statement next week and share their plans on how they plan to help 9/11 memorial funds.