I-Team obtains exclusive video of officers arresting man in suspected road rage incident

WESTLAKE - The Fox 8 I-Team has obtained exclusive police video of suburban officers arresting a man with a gun in a suspected case of road rage.

It happened early last Sunday evening on I-90. Police from Westlake and Avon arrested Thomas Harris.

A woman called 911 saying a passenger in another car had flashed a gun. The caller, a woman from Connecticut, said, "There's a man in front of me flashing a gun. He keeps holding it up. Several times he held it up in the center."

Avon Police body camera video shows Harris asking officers, "What are you guys worried about?"

They answer, "We're worried about....a gun."

Police did find a .45 in the vehicle and they say there were 3 magazines of ammunition nearby too. Police arrested Harris for Improperly Handling a Firearm in a Vehicle.

Harris denied to the officers he’d been waving his gun around.

When reached by phone he told the I-Team, "I'm not waving it around. Not flashing it. I'm not threatening anyone with it. I don’t understand all of this.”

Harris said at one point, an RV did get close to the car he was in, and he says his fiancé  brake-checked the other driver.

You can hear the caller tell the dispatcher she had asked her husband if he was too close, and he said no. The caller then says she thought the man with the gun was “showing off."

Harris says he does not have a concealed weapons permit for the gun, but he is scheduled for a class to get it.