Eric Trump stops at Fox 8; responds to father’s Putin remarks, plans for ISIS

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Donald Trump's son, Eric Trump, took a break from the campaign trail to stop at Fox 8 News Friday.

Before moving on to issues like his father's plans for ISIS and his stance on the war in Iraq, he gushed about Cleveland and his experience at the Republican National Convention.
"The convention was amazing, I'll never forget it as long as I live," he said. "It was an amazing day for our family."

"I'll never forget Cleveland, the city's been so amazing. The law enforcement in the city has been so amazing. It's a special place."

Just this week, a Quinnipiac University survey found said that Donald Trump is ahead of Hillary Clinton in Ohio, leading 41 to 37 percent.

Eric Trump said "everyone in Ohio needs to realize that the future of this country really depends on them and the vote they ultimately cast."

He also responded to questions about his father's comments regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump said at Wednesday's "Commander in Chief Forum" that Putin is a stronger leader than President Barack Obama.

Eric Trump said we should "embrace people around the world who want to kill ISIS."

"Why wouldn't we have an ally over there who helps us solve that problem," he said.

He also touched on dad's plans for ISIS, saying the United States' military currently is "handcuffed by our administration." He said the military hasn't been given the proper resources to battle ISIS.

"We have the best army in the world," he said. "Do whatever it takes, let them do what they do."

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