I-Team: The cost for residents when presidential candidates visit Northeast Ohio

CLEVELAND - Presidential candidates and their campaigns have come to Northeast Ohio seven times in the last three weeks, including Thursday, so the Fox 8 I-Team has investigated the impact on your wallet and on police protection.

Cleveland City Hall says the taxpayer cost of security topped $16,000 for the visit on Labor Day from Hillary Clinton and her running mate. The city says that included the costs for 12 officers and 3 police supervisors on overtime, a police command bus and a police helicopter.

The I-Team revealed earlier that the cost for security at a big Donald Trump event in March at the I-X Center was $68,000.

Meantime, we also investigated the impact on police protection in neighborhoods. The police union president and others say for campaign visits, the city first assigns officers from units that don’t handle 911 calls.

However, Steve Loomis says that often patrol cars are needed.

"But there is an impact in the neighborhoods. We're terribly short-staffed, and it taxes us. But again, the men and women of the Cleveland Police Department do the best job they can do with the resources that they have."

As for questions about the costs, the Trump campaign didn’t respond to us. The Clinton campaign says it doesn’t control security or ask for additional security. The Clinton campaign referred us to the Secret Service.

The Secret Service sent us a statement saying,

“The Secret Service has always relied heavily upon the assistance received from our law enforcement partners during protective visits. The necessary level of security could not be provided without that support. While we understand this support often results in costs to the communities that host protective visits, the Secret Service is not equipped or funded to reimburse communities for these costs.”

Cleveland City Hall says it sends bills to campaigns on a case-by-case basis. It sent a bill to the Trump campaign for that March rally, and that hasn’t been paid. The city may send a bill to the Clinton campaign for the Labor Day visit.

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