Guard suffers broken neck after being attacked by 4 teens at detention center

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CANTON TOWNSHIP - Wayne Eash is thankful to be alive after a brutal attack on Sunday.

"I was tackled like a football player; my arms were strapped down to my side and taken down immediately."

Eash, 59, is an assistant supervisor at the Juvenile Lockdown Treatment Facility in Canton Township.

He says that four teens attacked him Sunday night and escaped after stealing a key from him.

"The boys were pounding; they kept hitting me here where I was open to them to be able to get to me, just repeated, taking turns after I was tackled."

He believes the teens would have continued to hit him if another guard hadn't stepped in.

"I do believe those boys would have continued to hit me because we're short-staffed; there was nobody else out and around. I was in my own wing by myself and I do believe I would have been knocked unconscious or worse."

Eash has several injuries, the worst being the broken vertebrae in his neck.

The Stark County Sheriff's Department says two of the escapees were captured late Sunday night, and the other two were captured early Monday. Now that they're back in custody, they're no longer being treated as juveniles in need of treatment and counseling.

Eash's wife, Christine, said she will not allow him to go back to work after he has recovered.

"I do not want another phone call in the middle of the night telling me that I have to make funeral arrangements; it's not going to happen. It's that plain and simple. I fear for his life going back in there."

Now, all four teens are facing felonious assault and escape charges.