Fox 8’s Kristi Capel gives update on 1-month-old Duke!

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Fox 8’s Kristi Capel gave birth to baby Duke just one month ago.

She gave us an update Wednesday on how the little guy is doing.

Kristi said he’s been sleeping through the night since day one and already has lots of hobbies!

Her post says:

“One month old! Mommy and Daddy can’t believe how fast it’s gone… My sissy hopes I can start playing with her and her toys soon. 😉 I’ve been sleeping through the night since day one, so my parents should be pretty proud of that. My hobbies include: drinking milk, pooping and sleeping. My Mommy had a big teddy bear next to me for this picture until daddy walked in and replaced it with a football. 😜 Well, that’s what’s been going on here, until next month. #lovemyfamily❤️ #easybeingababy #mommyscuddlebug

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