Students left alone on Euclid school bus as driver mails letter

EUCLID, Ohio--  A school bus driver in Euclid was fired last week after school officials say she left a bus full of children unattended while she went to a mail a letter.

Euclid Schools Superintendent Charlie Smialek said even though the bus driver left the children for a very brief time, her actions were unacceptable.

“Anything can happen in a moment,” Smialek said.  “Safety is first.  Safety issues are very important.”

Smialek said he learned about the matter when a concerned parent called the school. A student who was on the bus took a picture showing the driver outside the vehicle. The photo quickly made its rounds on social media.

“The driver indeed left her bus to mail a letter and students were on the bus,” Smialek said.  “You can’t leave a bus full of students unattended.”

The students on the bus live in Euclid, but go to a private school. The Euclid City School District provides transportation for the students.

The superintendent said as soon as he heard about the incident, he called First Student, which is the company that provides busing for the school district.

A First Student spokesperson said when they found out, they immediately began an internal investigation.  When the investigation was completed, the bus driver was fired.

“The school district did the right thing,” said Nicole Lewis, a mother of four.  “Children need to be protected.  Who would leave them on alone on a  bus, even for a second?”

First Student would not provide us with a copy of the investigation or give us any information about the bus driver.