Sheffield schools allowing transgender students to choose which restroom

SHEFFIELD, Ohio-- A local school district says they will not ban their four transgender students from using certain school restrooms.

"Separate, but equal is not OK," said Michael Cook, the superintendent for Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Schools.

A letter was sent home to parents Friday about the change. All Brookside High School students recently participated in an assembly announcing the difference in policy. Previously, transgender students used a family-style restroom.

The change occurred because a transgender student approached school staff requesting to use the boy's restroom.

"Just because it's a nice bathroom, it's separate. They still have the right to use whatever bathroom they feel they should use," Cook said.

District leaders said this is an new issue for schools across the country to handle. They admit they don't have all the answers, but say it's critical to respect the rights of all their students.

"I agree with all that," said Christy Donat, a parent at Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Schools. "I absolutely agree with that. Why should we make someone feel something that they're not? If they feel that they're male and want to go use the male's room. Maybe they're female and want to use the females bathroom that's OK too."

The superintendent said he is trying to stay "ahead of the curve on this issue."

Cook said if the federal or state laws change, the district will do their best to adapt.

Brookside High School