Stolen car hits, kills woman in Cleveland returning from high school reunion

CLEVELAND-- The FOX 8 I-Team uncovered the story behind a deadly weekend crash that killed an innocent mother out for a high school reunion.

We’ve learned it began with the carjacking of a 71-year-old man across town leaving a church festival.

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Cleveland Accident Investigators have filed charges against 19-year-old Brian Burns, Jr.

Police said Burns beat and robbed a man who’d just left the St. Rocco’s Church Festival Saturday night.

"Yes it got violent for sure. I'm going to get in the car. Somehow he got my keys. We were wrestling right there," carjacking victim Michael D’Amico said.

Burns then sped in the stolen car through the Lee-Harvard area on the east side. Investigators said he crashed into a car driven by Shirley Duncan-Barnes, pushing her vehicle into a building and killing her.

Cynthia Duncan said her sister had just left a high school reunion when she was killed. She leaves behind a 7-year-old daughter and an adult child.

"She was a good sister to me. She was there for me. I almost died in January. Shirley was there every day,” Duncan said. "Took away somebody that we loved. You understand? We loved Shirley so much."

The I-Team learned Burns also had to go to the hospital, but at first, police didn’t know his name. He had no ID on him. Now, he’s charged with aggravated vehicular homicide, aggravated robbery, and receiving stolen property.

A witness at the scene of the fatal crash said Burns was speeding so recklessly that others nearly got hurt.

"God's gonna take care of this. I mean he's gonna take care of it," Duncan said.

D’Amico wants to see that suspect locked up for a long time.

"Violent kinda guy. Penitentiary for 20-30 years," D'Amico said.

Burns goes to court on the charges in this case on Tuesday.