Labor Day Download: how many jobs have you had in your lifetime?

Photo courtesy: MGN Online

Photo courtesy: MGN Online

CLEVELAND – It’s Labor Day 2016, so let’s ponder jobs. Think back on your work career. How many jobs have you had over your lifetime?

If you are a millennial, it’s probably been quite a number. A recent Fortune article confirms that millennials change their jobs more often that baby boomers do. The reason: they want to advance their careers and if they need to leave one company for another to do so, they will.

“Eighteen percent of millennials have changed jobs in the last 12 months, compared to just five percent of boomers. And 47% of those millennials who changed jobs did so for a better title. Only 10% of boomers left for a better job title.”

What’s the longest you’ve stayed at a job? And why did you leave it eventually? What was your favorite job?

Fun questions to ponder as we celebrate American workers.